2013 Crystallizes

2012 Terra incognita

Attack by strange shapes
We try to escape

To the city of darkness
Where the secret key is located

The key to the promised land
To fulfill our mission

2012 The Perfection Of Imperfection

Like a chameleon

I have the power to change into this perfect shape
to travel from space to space

Love is like a poison, an addiction that makes you weak, the ultimate seduction

Through the mirror reflection

I have found the unknown, the gift to the immortality

2011 Unconscious

Voices in my head
that can’t be stopped

My mind is out of reach

My shadow has been captured

My heart has been frozen

Like the darkness

I have been fighting for too long
through this loneliness

Dreams appear to be nightmares

And I return from the death
stronger than ever ..

2009 Transformation/Future Perfect

Like the tornado
Who moves fast and faster
A reflection of energy in circles
turning around and round.

Colors that take over control
in a mysterious way
Unrecognizable changes
Becomes an element of the Future

2008 Lost Soul

Laying on the floor, in an empty space ..
Thinking of the memories, that brings me back to the past ..
Where I was kept in maze, almost losing my mind ..

Searching for the one, the one who makes me feel complete ..
The one I adore and, want to spend my whole life with ..
Yes, my love, we are each other’s Lost Soul ..

2006 Confusion

It’s so fascinating here,
The mysterious power ..
Which takes me away,
To the unknown ..
Far away from the daily life,

Everything that was so close ..
Suddenly just disappear,
Everything I thought ..
I saw,
Appears to be all different ..

2005 Interreflection