Have a custom design made by Gomes Esser Design design

If you have chosen to have a customized design made, we will make an appointment. In the first appointment we look at your wishes and the possibilities that exist with regard to the materials and any changes to the design. Then a pattern is adjusted or made to your size. The chosen materials are collected or purchased. A test model is then created so that you can fit it through. This is important because you can see the shape and fall of the design. In some cases, a test model is not necessary.

You can continue with your trial model at the second appointment. If adjustments are needed, this will be done. The design is then made in the official fabrics. When this is ready a new appointment will be made with you. You can then continue to try it out. If you are satisfied with the end result, we can successfully complete your order. The costs for creating a custom design can vary greatly, depending on the design, pattern work, material costs and manufacturing costs. The costs will be discussed with you on time. The design is only made to measure, after you have given written approval and made a down payment. A deposit is 50% of the final costs.

In addition to designing, Gomes Esser Design also provides style advice. If you find it difficult to combine certain clothes or create a certain style, please contact us or view our Fashion Blog. In it we give our customers advice or tips, ideas about the latest fashion trends, innovative developments, music, art and travel.